Region Bourbonnais
03001 Allier
03002 Allier
03003 Allier
03007 Allier
03010 Allier
03012 Allier
Region Val-de-Loire
18001 Cher
18005 Cher
18008 Cher
36002 Indre
36004 Indre
37005 Indre-et-L...
37006 Indre-et-L...
37014 Indre-et-L...
37016 Indre-et-L...
41002 Loire-et-C...
45003 Loiret
45005 Loiret
45009 Loiret
49001 Maine-et-L...
Region Bourgogne
58001 Nièvre
58002 Nièvre
58003 Nièvre
58004 Nièvre
58006 Nièvre
58007 Nièvre
71002 Saône-et-L...
71003 Saône-et-L...
89005 Yonne
89006 Yonne
89008 Yonne
89009 Yonne

Largest Collection of Loire-Valley Châteaux Realty

Châteaux-et-Domaines is the specialised realtor in the Loire Valley. You have a single and uniform access to full information through a single realtor. This gives you quick and transparent overview to the majority of the Châteaux Realty Market in the world's most profound Castle region!

Realtor is Châtelain Himself

The profession of Chateau Realtor is significantly aided with intensive experience of Chateau Restoring and being a Châtelain himself. It is essential for him to know each and every aspect of buying, owning, maintaining, restoring and selling it. This is the only way to understand you as a client. To advise for a dream to come true, not to become a nightmare.

One English-speaking Realtor for the Whole Loire-Valley

With Châteaux-et-Domaines the client deals with only one agent. He knows the entire portfolio, the Châtelain(e)s and the prospects. There is only a single point of contact who always replies to any message within 48 hours. In English, or French, or Dutch.

Maître des Oeuvres des Châteaux Background

The Château Realtor breathes and lives with Châteaux and has a professional background as Maître des Oeuvres des Châteaux. With each and every Château Realty visit you can be given on-the-spot technical information and rough price quotes. This way you get an idea as future Châtelain what you are getting into. Things that look bad can be very minor. Small things can appear to be a disaster. A true Château Realtor knows where to get the best quality period style building materials for the best prices. And where to find the right architects and artisans to do the job, at usually much better prices.

Reaching us

You can reach us as follows:


France: +33 (0)2 38 35 16 77
Mobile: +33 (0)6 16 52 41 91

United States:     +1 (212) 796 6933
United Kingdom: +44 (0)844 284 12 69


Le Château d'Adon
45230 Adon