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03001 Allier
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Château Property for sale in Bourbonnais, Bourbonnais area (Turn-key habitable), dept. Allier (03) in France

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Napoleon III Château in Bourbonnais


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Object Nr. 03003
Region Bourbonnais, Bourbonnais
Location Allier (03) near Montluçon

City of Paris: 300km

Isolated environment
Château Style is Napoleon III

Dates from the XIX century

Turn-key habitable
Château layout Salons cq. Reception rooms: 3

Ensuite bedrooms:

Bedrooms: 9

Bathrooms: 3
Château interiors Stylerooms: minimal

Authentique interiors: all

Authentique floors: all

Authentique ceilings: all
Heating Heating systems:

Oil-based central heating
Condition Roof: good

Facade: partial-good

Electricity: good

Plumbing: good
Outbuildings The property has:



Various other outbuildings
Surfaces Château: 480 m²

Dependences: 900 m²

Gites: 90 m²

Total: 1470 m²
Park (domaine) 18 hectare


Object Nr. 03003
Region Bourbonnais, Bourbonnais
Situé Allier (03) proche Montluçon

Paris: 300km
Château Château est du style Napoleon III

Epoque XIX-ième siècle

Prêt pour habitable
Plan Salons cq. pièces: 3

Chambres avec salle de bain:

Chambres: 9
Interieurs Salon du style: minimal

Intérieurs authentique: all

Sols authentique: all

Plafonds authentique: all
Chauffage Systèmes de chauffage:

Chauffage-central à fuel
Condition Toiture: good

Façade: partial-good

Electricité: good

Plomberie: good
Bâtiments La proprieté as:



Autre bâtiments
Surface Château: 480 m²

Dépendences: 900 m²

Gîtes: 90 m²

Total: 1470 m²
Park (domaine) 18 hectare