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Château Property for sale in Val-de-Loire, Sologne area (Renovation project), dept. Loire-et-Cher (41) in France
Château Property for sale in Val-de-Loire, Sologne area (Renovation project), dept. Loire-et-Cher (41) in France

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Directoire Château in Sologne


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A Château surrounded by a beautiful park, a 107 ha. hunting estate, a river, a canal and 10ha of lakes. Situated just outside a village it profits from and not far from the capital of the Sologne hunting region. 14ha is included in the sales price, the remaining 97ha of hunting grounds is also for sale.

Specific period style finishings of this property include ornamental front-door, ornamental roofs, ornamental carved stone, oak parquet floors, marble ornamental chimney pieces, period style rooms, ornamental ceilings, ornamental wall panels, ornamental wall panels in oak.

The Château (Directoire style) is situated in the countryside in the Sologne area, (Loire-et-Cher, near Paris: 250km). It dates from the XVIIIth century, in a park/estate of 107ha.

Interior Impressions

The Château has a surface of approx. 1250 m² (gross) in original style. The total roofed surface including the outbuildings is approx. 2000 m² (gross).

The Château dates back to 1790 and has remained in the family ever since. Each part has a centuries old history, and not a lot has really been changed, apart from some outdated plumbing and electricity. This gives it a unique atmosphere of originality. Apart from this, the groundfloor is in good condition, the étage needs some refurbishing and the grenier needs redevelopment. On the outside the roof and the façade need some updating.


Plan of the Château

The Château has 3 levels that can be accessed by 3 staircases.

- The Rez-de-Chaussée facilitates the 3 salons, a bureau, the diner room, 2 winter gardens, a vast kitchen and some small rooms.

- The étage has several groupings of rooms with cabinets that can be turned into ensuites, a large ornamented gallery.

- The grenier has a large theater space and many small rooms that once served as living quarters of the personnel.


Outbuildings include: The property has many outbuildings, including a gate house, a guard house, a hunters' lodge, an orangerie, stables, barn, pigeonnier and several other small buildings.

Condition of Property

The property is preserved, needs partial refurbishing, needs partial renovation, needs partial roofworks, needs work on the façade.Call us (not just email!) for an estimation/explanation done by a Maître d'Oeuvres (Château specialist) for maintenance costs, any needed works, or even upgrading/restoring with authentic period details.


The property is sold with 2 options.

- Proposal 1: Château with all the outbuildings and 14ha.

- Proposal 2: Additional 20ha of hunting grounds consisting of woods, farmland and bordering the canal and river with a private beach .

- Proposal 3: Additional 73ha of hunting grounds consisting mainly of woods and lakes.

The optional 20ha and 73ha estates can sold very easily. When the Château is sold without the estates, the price of the remaining grounds will be for sale at a higher price. Buying the whole property and selling the 73ha hunting estate will likely pay the Château's renovation costs.